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Crystal Caves Oracle

Crystal Caves Oracle

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Spirit Carrier's luscious Crystal Caves oracle deck for insight, contemplation and personal development ~ beautiful illustrations of crystalline cave spaces in rich colours. You'll love just flicking through the cards and soaking in their visual atmosphere for daily inspiration!

You can use this deck in several different ways:
1) As a standard oracle deck, contemplating on the cave themes for insight
2) Delving into meditation by involving questions and imagination interactively with the cards (additionally engaging with real crystals)
3) Exploring and examining the connections between the cave themes and alchemical elements in multi-card readings for deeper perspective and divination
4) As a dreamwork tool
5) Use the cards in crystal grids or your altar as manifestation aids

Instructions are given and exercise samples are suggested in the accompanying instruction booklet. 

You will receive:
1 'welcome' card
52 main cards
2 bonus cards
16-page instruction leaflet
two-part rigid box for safe-keeping
digital instructions also available as a PDF file
Please note: NO crystals are included with this deck
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