About Us

Cauldron & Co. came to life from what we thought was missing from the metaphysical world. Where there is lightness there must be darkness and when searching for both, we could not seem to find it in the one space. To add another element to this, we have a love for different, unusual and odd things. We decided the best solution was to create the space for ourselves and others alike! A place where the unique and unusual could be found.

From people who have just stumbled across the moon and her phases to the 458-year-old witch who needs more catnip for her spell and everything in between. We envision Cauldron & Co. to be an inclusive metaphysical space for everyone to be able to source their magickal needs.

While we do our very best continuously to have a range of items for everyone to enjoy sometimes we miss things, so if you think there is something missing or you're looking for something and you just can't find what you're after, let us know and we will do everything in our power to source just what you are looking for.

The people behind the name

Lauren: Owner & Witch
I am an Elemental Witch, who loves being near water - which is part of the reason Cauldron & Co. has come to fruition in Toronto, just a few hundred metres from the lake. I have a Crystal and Oracle/Tarot collection that is ever-growing and could possibly be an addiction. I prefer oracle over tarot and like finding new ways to practice my craft. My star sign is Scorpio.
I've always had an affinity for witchcraft, which started in my teenage years. About 7 years ago I was reintroduced to the metaphysical world by a friend and that is when I really started to practise witchcraft. Different, unusual & weird things have always spoken to my soul and I like to go against the grain and stand out from the crowd. This is where the idea for Cauldron & Co. started because I just couldn’t find these things in one place.


Emily: Right-hand woman & Witch
If Lauren can think of it, she’s probably got me doing it or at least looking into it. I do the odd bits and pieces that keep things running smoothly in the background and look after Cauldron & Co’s social life. When guidance is given on social media it’s generally me who is tapping into the universe to help get the message across that they want you to know.
Ever since being a young girl I’ve been connected to the spiritual world. I’d quite often ask my nan who the old lady was that I could see - turns out it was usually my great grandmother. I grew up in a home where the unique and unusual were normal because I’m Lauren’s daughter, and so there is no surprise that I have a love for the weird and wonderful as well! 7 years ago I was introduced to the metaphysical world by an energy healer and the rest is history. I’m a Traditional witch with a big Eclectic streak and forever perfecting my craft.


Anita: Herbology Master & Witch
Anita's journey into the realms of witchcraft & herbalism began three decades ago, a path that has led her to Cauldron & Co. where her expertise & passion converge. With a reverence for the old ways & a curiosity for the new, Anita's craft is a balance of traditional, folk & ancestral guidance. 
Her love for foraging takes her deep into the heart of nature, where she finds the hidden treasures that fuel her magic. In her sacred space, she expertly blends herbs, spices, & incantations to create remedies that transcend time itself. Her potions are not merely mixtures but concoctions brewed with intention; each ingredient chosen for its spiritual significance & healing properties.
Step into Anita's world, where the veil between the mundane & the magical is thin, letting her knowledge lead you on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.