Nicole @ Readings on the Wall  
Angel Intuitive and Certified Angel Tarot Reader

Nicole offers psychic readings instore & online as well as psychic parties. 

I first became aware of my spiritual gifts at the age of 12 after begging my mother to buy me a Ouija board for my birthday. To my surprise she gave me The Psychic Circle. It was perfect. Not at all scary like in the movies. It was positive and loving. With this I was introduced to my angels (or guides) and boy did they have a lot to say! So much so that I became overwhelmed with the constant chatter in my head, even without the board. So, I asked them to leave me alone. 

In my early 20’s, I started to slowly re-embrace my gifts. Throughout my spiritual journey, I have used my intuition and messages from spirit to help make decisions with confidence and to manifest the life of my dreams. As I have seen how useful this has been in my own life, I wish to use my gifts to help others too.

I am down to earth, honest, extremely sensitive and empathetic. I will tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. So, if you’re ready to receive, let’s see what messages are waiting for you on the wall.