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Aries Soap

Aries Soap

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Discover your cosmic side with Aries Soap! Soap Cult's handmade, vegan soap is perfect for any astrology lover looking for a luxurious, fragrant lather that's out of this world! With a rich blend of orange, amber, dragon's blood and sandalwood, you'll be as prepared as ever to take on the day like a true sign of the zodiac! Who knew the stars could smell so divine!

Aries soap smells woody, deep, and mysterious; much like a witchy shop filled with incense, botanicals, and crystals. Australian Sandalwood Powder acts as a natural exfoliant and enhances the rich, spicy aroma. Red Clay helps to detoxify and draw impurities from the skin as you bathe. 

Each soap is hand stamped with the symbol for Aries and the product label features some key traits of Aries folks. For Aries star signs, this one's a must-have! (Who says your zodiac can't lend a helping hand?)

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