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Wicca Made Easy

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Modern Wicca, a very old English word meaning 'a wise one who knows the Sacred', is rooted in humanity's oldest religion-shamanism. Wicca is a spiritual path into worlds of wisdom and wonder. In this book, pioneering spiritual teacher and priestess Phyllis Curott will guide readers on that path, sharing key practices that anyone can master, whether they're Wiccan or not, to experience the divine magic of life.

Readers will learn:

- The spiritual principles of Wicca and how to experience them using Wicca's sacred technology.
- How to alter consciousness and open awareness to the Sacred with Wiccan techniques including breathing, meditations, visualizations, journeying, drawing down the moon, and natural ecstatic practices such as drumming and chanting.
- Mother Earth's spiritual wisdom and how to attune body, mind, and spirit to Nature's rhythms.
- How to create and receive blessings.
- How to enter spirit realms and work with spirit guides, power animals, spirits of place, and other nature beings.
- The secrets of successful spell casting, how to cast a spell, why some spells don't work.
- How to cast a circle, and create sacred space and altars.
- How to keep a personal Book of Shadows and a magical journal.
- How to practice lunar and Sabbat (holy seasonal) rites and much more!

Most importantly, this book will reveal that magic happens when you open yourself to the Sacred - the first thing that magic changes is you. Wicca will teach you the essential spiritual wisdom and practices that will open your heart, your mind, and your spirit to a life of joy and fulfilment.