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What Your Birthday Reveals about You

What Your Birthday Reveals about You

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Discover the secrets of your personality and destiny! Master astrologer Phyllis Vega reveals what the stars hold for you—and everyone you know—with a detailed analysis for each birthday in the year, combining astrology and numerology to paint a true picture of the characteristics, desires, and destinies of people born on that day.

Each day's analysis offers fresh, startlingly accurate insights into the characterpersonalityrelationships, and prospects for success for those who share that birthday. Learn things you never knew about your spouse or lover, your family, your closest friends—and yourself.

  • Born on January 18? You have a good head for business and an instinct for making and handling money. Born just three days later (January 21), however, and you are a consummate performer who loves center stage.
  • Born on July 24? The tenacity and aggressiveness found in your fellow Leos is balanced out by the charming diplomacy associated with the number twenty-four.
  • When it comes to relationships, nothing is hidden in the Aries personality—what you see is what you get. But depending on what day you were born, that could mean you're a volatile romantic who is constantly falling in and out of love (March 21) or an idealistic and devoted lover willing to sacrifice everything for your beloved (April 18).

In addition to profiles of the twelve signs of the zodiac, you'll also get an introduction to numerology, learn how to calculate the root number derived from your birth date, and discover what these numbers disclose about you and your loved ones.

What Your Birthday Reveals About You will tell you all you need to know about yourself—your personality, your wants, and your future.

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