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Vintage Key

Vintage Key

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Keys within magic are quite powerful and common. They can be used for a multitude of spells and charms. Keys are protective as they keep out unwanted forces and people. They make us feel safe knowing we have the ability to lock a door and keep people or spirits out. Keys are also great for unlocking secrets and new information. The right key can unlock new possibilities for you and help you reach a place that was inaccessible before. Keys can also be used for travel & be used in other times when a block is in your way. keys can grant you access to the spirit world as well. If you are having trouble connecting with your spirit guides, There are also many spirits who work with the keys as well and having a set of your own can allow you to commune with these spirits better. Hecate is a popular gatekeeper and crossroads goddess many witches work with. She holds the keys in her hands and can use them to allow you access to magic and mystery otherwise hidden from you. Janus, the roman god of beginnings, gates, transitions, time, and doorways is another spirit that can be called upon using keys. Unlocking a door is opening a door to a whole other world and it is wise to tread lightly as you may see and experience things that are a little unexpected.

One Key will be intuitively picked for you by our house Witches

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