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The Revolving Time Oracle

The Revolving Time Oracle

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The deck consists of:

  • 50 Fully Illustrated Oracle cards
  • Comes with deck and guidebook in a box 
  • Based on 22 major arcana cards, 16 court cards and 12 divinatory cards structured in my own revolving system.

Deck Specs:

  • 88*126mm, 51 cards(1 Bonus Art Print) , 350 GSM Art Paper, Matte lamination
  • Matte black gilding
  • Cards 0-21 reference the Major Arcana based on the tarot.
  • Cards 22-37 reference court cards based on the tarot in sequence of: Page, Knight, Queen and King

22-25 Cups (Water)
26-29 Wands (Fire)
30-33 Pentacles (Earth)
34-37 Swords (Air)

  • The last 12 cards are reflective-based cards for self-exploration, to be used intuitively.

 This deck can help you out if... 

  • you are interested to broaden your knowledge of synchronicities between different divination systems (astrology, tarot, oracle, elements)
  • you have trouble making decisions
  • you seek direct answers to your questions
  • you want a deck that can give you more depth to your readings 

This deck is created to be a companion for both readers and non-readers alike, to help those in search of clear answers and to help each person to explore themselves even further with the concept of life and time itself. I hope this deck can help ground and comfort anyone that is wondering if they are on the right path in life. 

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