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The Publishing Goblin's Oracle Dice Set

The Publishing Goblin's Oracle Dice Set

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The Publishing Goblin’s Oracle Dice is a set of 22 custom-made dice, each a unique colour with six symbols of their own, paired with an in-depth full-colour guidebook that will help you read your dice. Cast over your bare table, or over the grids of the reading cloths prepared just for this dice set.

The Oracle Dice set is cast out over a table, the floor, a mat made for the readings, or on any surface you might want to use. Once cast out in response to your question, you interpret the dice in a few ways.

  1. Decide which of the 22 dice to use that best fits your question or purpose of the reading. Then you cast them.
  2. Consider where the dice landed in your reading grid, as the grid informs what the die is related to.
  3. What die faces are on top, and what do they mean? The guidebook can help you with dice meanings, but each die has a unique theme that it focuses on, and each die face has its own meaning. 
  4. How did the dice land in relation to one another? Are they grouped in a line? A triangle? A circle? This and more can come into play with reading the dice.
All of these elements come together to create a unique reading experience unlike any other.

This set includes:
22 Oracle Dice
138 Card Di Face Oracle Deck
Reading Cloth
Black Velvet Bag
22-Lord Oracle 
Goblin Yes/No Coin
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