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The Art of Adventure Tarot

The Art of Adventure Tarot

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For the very beginner to the pro - For the enthusiast and the collector - For the coffee table and the shelf and not least of all - for the love of Tarot.

The Art of Adventure Tarot Deck dives deep into the subconscious, with a complex visual labyrinth that engages the mind, spirit and senses. The vibrant imagery was brought to life using carefully selected aesthetic and intricate detailing without compromising any essential symbolism and nuances of the classic Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot deck.

The pace of the cards is purposefully kept free-flowing—blending into one another to create imaginative pathways that amp focus, increase clarity, and fuel fun. Moving through visual trails, you will feel energised by the psychedelic and otherworldly environments of each card. With the energy of this deck, we hope you will master reading marathons without psychic fatigue.

The journey through The Art of Adventure Tarot Deck has four seasons corresponding to the four suits. The unfolding of colours, imagery and characters will help push the limits of imagination and spark new insight into your readings. With a variety of urban and cosmopolitan scapes tucked away in the background, each card is made for the modern reader.

A psychedelic trip that has no risk of prosecution. With a swirl of colours, expert digital illustration, and handcrafted aesthetics, each card is inspired by pop culture, sci-fi, graphic novels, gameplay and classic Tarot traditions —welcoming all Tarot readers, from the pros to the newbies, with a new perspective into the art of Tarot. 

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