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Ogham Staves

Ogham Staves

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Ogham is an early medieval alphabet primarily used to write the Irish language. Inscriptions are found on stone monuments throughout Ireland and Western Britain dating from the 4th century CE. The alphabet is made up of the twenty standard letters (called fews or staves). Each letter is named for a sacred tree or plant which have unique meanings and associations. 

While there are some vague mentions of the Ogham being used for divination purposes there are no clear instructions or methods recorded so the use of the alphabet for rune casting is a modern invention. They are sometimes cast onto the illustration Fionn’s Window which is a 14th-century map of the Celtic Underworld. The Ogham alphabet can also be used to inscribe spells and create sigils.

These rune sets come in a small canvas pouch with a small instruction booklet providing suggested layouts and meanings behind each rune.  Laser engraved, they are handmade from beautiful Australian woods.

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