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Masculine Archetype Cards

Masculine Archetype Cards

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Archetypes are a universal system of symbols that speak directly to the subconscious. You can use them to explore specific aspects of your psyche. Creating a conscious relationship with the various Archetypes can help you embody mature and balanced Masculinity. 

The HeroRise Masculine Archetype Deck explores the 5 major Archetypes of  Warrior, Wizard, Father, Lover, and Sovereign.

Archetypes to Explore the Psyche
The HeroRise Masculine Archetype deck gives you a framework to explore your psyche, so you can define what aspects serve you the best. The Masculine Archetypes give you a template you can use to find personal balance and potential.
The deck includes the Five Major Masculine Archetypes, their Sub-Archetypes, and Shadow Aspects. They can be used to understand the subtle facets of your identity.                 
To help illustrate the subtleties of each Major Archetype, there are four Sub-Archetypes. For instance, the Warrior has the Sub-Archetypes of Activist, Athlete, Hunter, and Soldier. 
The Sub-Archetypes can be used to explore the expressions of the  Major Archetype with more detail and granularity.       
Shadow Aspects
Each of the Five Major Archetypes has two Shadow Aspects.
If you do not consciously seek balance with an Archetype, you can begin to be ruled by the bipolar Shadow Aspects. Working with these aspects will give you a deeper understanding of your internal process, patterns, and allow growing out of past wounds.                                                                                                                               
The Hero's Journey
We grow through action. The Hero’s Journey, originating from Joseph Campbell, is a powerful tool to see where you are in your change process. The HeroRise Masculine Archetype Deck includes 12 cards for the Hero’s Journey. These cards add another layer of depth when working with archetypes. Use the Hero’s Journey cards to rise to the challenge. 
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