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Inner Magic: A Guide to Modern Witchcraft

Inner Magic: A Guide to Modern Witchcraft

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This book teaches you how to cast spells and hone your spell work, how to weave rituals into your life, and how to find your inner magic.

Celebrate the festivals of Samhain, yule, imbolc, eostre, Beltane, Litha, lughnasadh, and modron, and learn how to weave the magical web.

This book guides you through spells and rituals, including:

* Working with the five elements of 94
* Casting a circle
* self-blessing rituals
* Ninth-wave spell
* Mint-wreath spell
* Rag-dolly spell
* Rowan-cross spell
* Yellow-letter spell
* Potpourri spell
* The magical web

Witchcraft is a spiritual path and a way of life. It embraces a reverence for nature, the practice of magic, and a desire for change. The starting point for effecting change is within ourselves. Changes do not only take place from within; this is the place from which we begin. Witches see all existence as a great web, with all things interconnected, and so inner magic is also outer magic.

Inner Magic takes an informative approach to modern witchcraft and the practice of magic. Placed in a historical and cultural context, there are explanations of the principles of witchcraft, the witch in history, and the rise of the modern witch.

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