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In Focus Chinese Astrology

In Focus Chinese Astrology

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n Focus Chinese Astrology provides all you need to know about the characteristics and workings of the Chinese zodiac signs, along with information on how to interpret your astrological chart.

Many of us are familiar with the Western horoscope based on twelve signs starting with Aries the Ram and ending with Pisces the Fish. Similarly, the Chinese zodiac is based on twelve signs, all represented by animals, that provide insight into your personality and character. Though you are most likely familiar with your year sign, you will soon discover there is much more beyond that. In Focus Chinese Astrology is the perfect introduction--or refresher--to interpreting your horoscope according to the Eastern zodiac. Learn more about yourself and those around you in this compact but illuminating guide that also features a 16x24-inch poster with an at-a-glance references to the signs and meanings of the Chinese Zodiac. 

This artfully designed guide covers a wide range of astrology topics, including: 

  • The animals of the zodiac 
  • The elements that are paired with your zodiac sign 
  • The effects of yin and yang on your sign 
  • The four-pillar system, based on the year, month, day, and hour of your birth 
  • Predictions for the years ahead 
  • Advice on love, careers, and more 
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