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Gemini Box | Available from 10th May till 20th June

Gemini Box | Available from 10th May till 20th June

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Step into the enchanting realm of the twins with our limited-time Gemini Box, curated to honor the duality and versatility of Gemini season. Each item in this magical collection is thoughtfully selected to ignite your curiosity, inspire creativity, and empower you on your spiritual journey.

Book: Delve into the world of Gemini magic with the Gemini witch book. Filled with rituals, spells, and celestial insights tailored to the dual nature of Gemini, this book is your guide to unlocking the mysteries of the twins.

Bath Soak & Soap: Immerse yourself in a luxurious bath experience with our Gemini bath soak and soap. Infused with invigorating aromas and nourishing ingredients, these products awaken your senses and rejuvenate your spirit, embracing the duality of Gemini energy.

Anointing Oil & Incense: Harness the versatile energy of Gemini with our anointing oil and incense. Crafted to balance the light and dark aspects of the twins, these products empower you to adapt, communicate, and manifest your desires with clarity and intention.

Crystal Kit: Explore the dual nature of Gemini with our curated crystal kit. 

Limited Quantities Available! Embrace the power of Gemini magic before it's gone

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