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Full Moon Body Soap

Full Moon Body Soap

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Unleash your wild side with Full Moon Body Soap! Crafted with activated charcoal to tone and detoxify, this handcrafted soap smells like a mysterious moonlit night. Let its wild, witchy scent blast you into the night, and with its biodegradable wrapper, you can be sure your adventure is environmentally friendly!

Carefully handcrafted over three days, Full Moon Body Soap's fragrance is like a gust of wind, bringing an evening storm. Bright eucalyptus, saturated herb gardens, soft, damp tree bark, vetiver, sagebrush and ozone will tantalise your senses. Let your skin experience the stormy, moon lit night and emerge wonderfully refreshed! Get ready to take on the night (or day!) with the power of Full Moon Body Soap. 

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