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Arcanaless II Tarot Boosters

Arcanaless II Tarot Boosters

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An eclectic assortment of tarot boosters to trade or add to your existing magpie decks*.

This 110-Card deck of nontraditional tarot boosters was created entirely by user request from my ARCANALESS Facebook Group. Members simply requested cards that they wanted to have, and I made them.

The Arcanaless Project is aimed at:
• Readers who are assembling unique, "magpie" decks
• Tarot card traders who want to trade cards without Breaking up existing decks
• Lovers of art and imagination

THIS IS NOT A FUNCTIONAL TAROT DECK ON ITS OWN, it is a collection of non-traditional cards to spice up your existing deck collections.

*Magpie decks (aka “mix-and-match”, “Frankendecks”, “Chaos Decks”, “eclecdecks”, “patchwork decks”) are decks comprised of cards from several different sources by tarot readers looking to personalize their tarot experience to their individual aesthetics and tastes.

++Product Specs++
1st run
110 cards total
2.75' x 4.75'
300 gsm coreless stock with varnish finish
Custom printed two-piece box

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